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Welcome to Behavioral Medicine Clinic

Welcome to the Behavioral Medicine Clinic website. You have accessed information on our clinical psychology practice that has specialized in the brief treatment of a variety of stress, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as teaching coping skills for chronic pain or illness for nearly 30 years.Waiting room

Behavioral medicine involves the application of psychological principles and behavior change strategies to problems and symptoms that are physical as well as psychological. That includes nearly all kinds of stress related problems that involve the nervous system. Stressors take many forms, some more physical e.g. over-exertion or poor diet, some more mental e.g. worry over work or finances. Stresses we usually face are not immediate dangers but whenever we feel uncomfortable, anxious, worried, stuck or depressed, the nervous system can react as though we really are in danger. This can lead to many kinds of stress related problems that include headaches, muscle tension and pain, gastric upset, anxiety/panic, high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression.